The Siberian Cat Neva Masquerade

The type of coloration colour point has got for definition the colourful tips: snout, ears, genitals, legs , tail are darker regarding the rest of the body. Speaking about Siberian Cat, colour point variety is named Neva Masquerade (“masked cat”).

The name comes from the place in which for the first time Siberian cats with this tonality of colour appeared. This place is in the neighbourhood of river Neva close to Pietroburgo.

This variety of colour must have the necessarily blue eyes, of variable tonality from the clearly to the dark blue but however always blue.

The kittens of two parents Neva Masquerade will be sure Neva Masquerade.
On the other hand it is possible to have kittens Neva Masquerade from two parents not Neva Masquerade if these parents carry the gene colour point.

The kittens colour point at the moment of the birth are white because the temperature inside of the maternal body is uniform. In the first weeks of life they assume their coloration.

Being the Neva Masquerade only a variety of colour of the Siberian Cat, it follows the standards of breed established for the Siberians. it is a little spread variety of colour and it is not easy to find a Neva Masquerade at the feline shows.

In Italy there are only a few catteries of this wonderful variety.